A little late in the season (last minute shopper unite!) but here as usual: our annual gift guide! It’s broken into different sections for Kitchen, Baby, Home, Wear, and Apothecary because there were so many things we wanted to include, that was the only way to keep them all straight! And still we couldn’t get in everything. Stay tuned for our registry post for more baby things, and check out gift guides of previous years for more favorites here, here, and here. And for wrapping inspiration, see the post before this one here as well as years past here, here, and here.Our gift guide is a way for us to share all of our favorite things with you as well as a way to give some love to our favorite shops, makers, and products. Everything on this list is both beautiful and useful.





  1. Noble Tonic 03: Spanish Sherry Vinegar from Food52 – the new balsamic
  2. Mespeak Design Kashikiri Knife – bling for your cheeseplate
  3. Facture Goods Macchiato Spoon  – slender & shiny
  4. Quitokeeto Usurai Glasses – my favorite everyday glass for water, cocktails, you name it
  5. Quitokeeto Gold Plated Fruit Knife – the prettiest knife I’ve ever seen
  6. Quitokeeto Brass Cutting Board Holder – kitchen jewelery
  7. Herriot Grace Tea Strainer – elegant everyday
  8. Shop Ila Black Collection – completes the pantry
  9. Sweet Gum Co. Flour Scoop – a, dare I say, sexy take on the standard scoop. Great for the flour tin, sugar jar, etc.
  10. InBed Linen Apron – perfectly rumpled everyday apron
  11. Objects of Use Finish Scrubbing Whisks – for making cleaning magical
  12. The Commons Tea Stein – handsome, classic, utilitarian
  13. Objects of Use Thai Brass Skimmer – great for making stocks & broths, serving, you name it
  14. The Vanilla Bean Baking Book by Sarah Kieffer – one of the best baking books of the year
  15. Hasami Teapot from TRNK – streamline your teatime
  16. Kimball House Oyster Shucker from Heartwood Forge – the excalibur of oysters knives
  17. The Essential Oyster by Rowan Jacobsen – and the bible to go with it
  18. Iga Mono Rice Donabe from Nalata Nalata – I use this almost once a day. The one pot wonder.
  19. Nakamura Copper Pot from Rikumo – a gorgeous essential; another everyday item
  20. The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison  – canonical, handsome, and brings everyone to the table


baby gift ideas



  1. Block Shop Noland Baby Quilt – the happiest handmade quilt in my current favorite color
  2. Makie Fleece Kimono – boy or girl, it’s fluffy & warm + matches everything
  3. Makie Hidagi Gift Set – the newborn must have
  4. Red Creek Kids Coop Trouser – handmade linen kids clothing for boys, girls, and babies
  5. Parasol Co Diaper Subscription – give the gift of baby safe, soft, pretty diapers. the mom in your life will thank you!
  6. Misha and Puff Confetti Cake Bonnet – confetti cake! bobbles! need we say more?
  7. Misha and Puff Baby Duvet & Pillow Set – simple, soft child bedding for when their old enough for pillows & blankets
  8. Bacabuche Turban from Bien Bien – for keeping baby heads warm & stylish
  9. Donsje Pina Bootie from Bien Bien – the same goes for their feet…
  10. Kokkuban Chalkboard Building Blocks from Rikumo – blocks you can draw on. let creativity reign.
  11. Dove and Hand Jackalope – the sweetest handmade jackalopes & bears
  12. Lex and Liv Baby Mocs – handmade baby safe mocs
  13. Mabo Kids Liberty Print Blouse – just plain pretty
  14. Uncle Goose Language Blocks – they make these blocks in a million different languages…so cool! They have everything from French to Hebrew for the little polyglot in your life.


kitchen gift guide ideas



  1. Elizabeth Suzann Tilda Pant – the best pant in the world. period. Nashville made.
  2. Rennes Siduri Backpack – the most gorgeous backpack I’ve ever layed eyes on. Great for handsfree living with a bike or baby.
  3. Crescioni Union Necklace from Need Supply Co. – a sculptural necklace to compliment simple clothing
  4. Away Carry On in Snow – the carry-on that can charge your phone 4 times + fit enough for a (light packer) to live off for 1 month or more
  5. Elizabeth Suzann Graphite Mule – day to night. simple. handmade. perfect.
  6. Han Starnes Mittens – the coziest looking mittens! As is all her Nashville made knitwear.
  7. Quitokeeto Vintage North-South Diamond Ring – a real splurge for someone special
  8. Alder & Co. Grey Linen Robe – I want to curl up with tea + a book in this and never come out of my house
  9. Medina Mercantile Market Bag from Food52 – the market bag everyone loves
  10. Lauren Manoogian Quilted Coat from Oroboro – slightly sculpted, oversized, and gorgeous
  11. Rennes Copper Hair Clip – when all there’s time to do is pull your hairback, this makes a lady feel put together
  12. Clyde Knit Hat – favorite chunky knit hat of the season


apothecary gift ideas



  1. Block Shop Dot Dash Pillow – living room je ne sais quoi
  2. Cereal Magazine – the magazine to lay around—on the coffee table, guest bedroom, what have you
  3. Notary Ceramic Candleholders from Alder & Co. – simple design at its finest to light up corners of the home
  4. Kalon Stump – design element, side table—as good in the living room as the kids room. The perfect little accent.
  5. Quitokeeto Tohaku Candle – An excellent small gift everyone can use
  6. Sonadora Steel Display Ladder – plants, blankets, kitchen bits and bobs—anything can be hung that makes a house a home
  7. InBed Store Linen Duvet Cover – to cuddle up under every night; I love it in peach!
  8. Stella Marie Baer Moon Print – moons to inspire year round
  9. Little Garage Shop Peach Candle from Alder & Co. – pretty in pink & at home anywhere
  10. Fog Linen Herringbone Towels – another everyday moment upgrade
  11. Oboro Furoshiki Cloth from Rikumo – the eco answer to gift wrapping; a multipurpose cloth for everyday use
  12. Appointed Brass Ruler from Food52 – for wrapping, drawing, or just looking very pretty
  13. Bog Berry Wool Dryer Balls from Food52 – eco answer to the dryer sheet—no weird chemical smells!
  14. Dot and Army Lavender Sachets from Food52 – and to make it all smell pretty when the laundry is done


Local Milk Gift Guide - Home



  1. Marble & Milkweed Tea for Dreamers – an elegant tea to lean into the evening
  2. Wooden Spoon Herbs Elderberry Sumac Syrup – calming syrup for the throat during winter months…great in tea and cocktails too!
  3. Wooden Spoon Herbs Traveler’s Kit – for the on the go herbalist
  4. Aesop Tacit Perfume – the best smell ever
  5. Aesop Mouthwash – it’s not Scope
  6. Hinoki Bath Tea from Nalata Nalata – cedar infused bath bliss
  7. Swiss Co Toothbrush – yet another everyday upgrade; eschewing plastic makes brushing teeth feel luxurious; great stocking stuffer
  8. Kobe Sake Soap from Rikumo – the packing is so pretty, I don’t know if I could open it
  9. Hiba Wood Atmosphere Spray from Rikumo – home can smell like Japanese onsen
  10. Marvis Toothpaste – classic, whitening, not bad for looking at
  11. Quitokeeto Turmeric Wellness Tea – I even use this to make the base of vegetable soup
  12. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap – unscented, great for babies & adults. the perfect solution.
  13. Aesop Balm – pretty & healing for winter hands
  14. Mason Pearson Hairbrush from Need Supply Co. – a modern take on an old classic