Local Milk Gift Guide | 2014

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I wanted to put together a list of gifts that featured tons of my favorite makers & shops that would serve as a no-fail guide for those of you wrangling with last minute gift decisions. I generally don’t want people to give me stuff. Indiscriminate stuff clutters life, but a well chosen object of use makes life better. It makes those mundane moments I’m always going on about beautiful. Sometimes I wonder if I’m obsessed with elevating the texture of daily living because I find life, in some aspects, fundamentally difficult. It’s like I’m littering my days with little incentives. I can happily say that not a single thing on this list is clutter. Each earns the space it takes up in a home, in a life. Each object has been chosen for it’s beauty and utility, and they range from kitchen wares to home goods to accoutrements to apothecary. I hope this helps with the stress of shopping or at the very least introduces you to some new shops and makers. I’ve tried to include gifts for every stage of life from the new mother to the nester to the maven. Some are expensive and designed to last a lifetime & then some, some are frugal enough for a secret santa swap. All are about increasing quality of life and supporting the makers & purveyors of quality goods. Sources are at the bottom and correspond to the number of the item. I encourage you to look around the shops linked…there’s a lot more than what I have here!

gift guide 2014


1. Linen Navy Stripe Cushion Cover, by Fog Linen     2. Hand Carved Black Walnut Stirring Spoon, by Sweet Gum Co.    3. Limited Edition Copper & Walnut Pendant Light, by Board & Bread    4. Natural Linen Oven Mitt, by Fog Linen    5. Ivory Knit Baby Blanket, by Fog Linen   6. Forest Tea, by Marble & Milkweed   7. Washi Paper Envelopes, from Nalata Nalata   8. Martiniano Glove Slipper, from La Garconne   9. Hario Copper Pour Over Kettle, from Kauffman Mercantile   10. Tajika Copper Scissors, from Nalata Nalata

11. Ambatalia Linen Bento Bag, from Quitokeeto   12. Smoke Perfume, from Hey Rooster  13. Sunday Suppers: Recipes & Gatherings, from Amazon   14. Ryan Roche Alabaster Angora Hat, from Frances May   15. Rope Pot Holders, by Straw & Gold   16. Temple Scarf in Coffee, by Blockshop Textiles   17. Tajika Herb Shears, from Nalata Nalata   18. Tiro Tiro Demi Earrings, from Frances May  19. Handmade Ceramic Teapot by Andrei Davidoff, from Straw & Gold   20. Speckled Clay Jar, by Rennes

21. Eclipse Ring, by Odette   22. Homestead Apothecary Sweet Dreams Tincture, from Straw & Gold    23. ABC Dream Book, by Wild Unknown   24. Seasoned Steel Skillet, by Lodge Cast Iron   25. Cocoon Coat, by Elizabeth Suzann  26. Pan Brush, from Quitokeeto   27. Stepwell Scarf in Slate, by Blockshop Textiles   28. Parfait Jar, from Old Faithful Shop   29. Hario Copper Coffee Scoop, from Kaufmann Mercantile   30. Akiko Graham Stoneware Spoon, from Alder Co.

31. Golden Apothecary Open Mind Headache Roll-On, from Hey Rooster   32. Rose Facial Serum, by Burren Perfumery    33. Nurture Box, from MEUS   34. Lauren Manoogian Neck Pillow, from Rennes  35. Hemp & Brass Eclipse Wall Hanging, by Sonadora Handmade   36. Mauviel Heritage Copper Roasting Pan, from Food52 Provisions   37. Iris Hantverk Cake Tester, Quitokeeto   38. Iris Slipper, by Coclico  38.  Susan Gregory Oil Diffuser, from The Commons   40. HDH Basics Kimono, by Hackwith Design