Local Milk Gift Guide | 2013


I know that as much as we all want to be perfectly mindful during the holidays many of us find it to be a rather intense amount of work (especially the cooks & hostesses among us!). So, I’ve put my curatorial skills to use for you & created this holiday gift guide for the various sorts of women you might have in your life, from the cook to the stylist to the naturalist to the mystic. Or for the sort that’s all of them rolled into one like me. Which are you? Take deep breaths, bake lots of pie, forage for pine cones, and try to enjoy the season, however you choose to celebrate. And stay tuned for the 30+ year old evolution of my Aunt Brenda’s jalapeño cornbread & buttermilk biscuit dressing (a.k.a. stuffing) recipe tomorrow!


cook gift guide


For the Cook

1. Piebox: For all your precarious pie carrying needs. I know I have a lot. /// 2. Picardie Tumblers: The perfect basic to style any table. #1 on my cup wishlist. /// 3. The Kinfolk Table: Filled with gorgeous photography, stories, and delicious recipes like Earl Grey & Lavender Pot De Creme. /// 4. Chemex Coffee Maker: Form, meet Function. /// 5. Classic Pitcher in clay: I want to use this for everything from flowers to water to utensil storage. /// 6. Small Batch Production’s Apron No. 1 in Organic Cotton/Hemp Denim : The apron I personally live in. So soft & so handsome. /// 7. Coltellerie Berti Chef’s Knife: The most perfect knife I’ve ever seen. Dear, sweet Santa… /// 8. Bamboo Digital Kitchen Scale: I need this in my life. It has a retractable display so it isn’t ugly! Sold.


stylist gift guide


For the Stylist

1. Habitu Dress by Osei Duro: 100% hand dyed silk Crepe de Chine & one of my favorite dresses I’ve seen this year. /// 2. Camp Pitcher by Helen Levi: I love the out door inspiration for the shape of this organic, minimalist wheel thrown pitcher. /// 3. Wind Chimes by Ironaworks: These are completely handmade, and I’m obsessed with the color & texture of them. They’re on back order but worth the wait! I just ordered mine. /// 4. Pendleton Shining Star Rug: Perfect neutrals. Classic pattern. This belongs at the foot of my bed. /// 5. Cereal Magazine: a favorite source for clean, minimalist design & photography. /// 6. Delicate Copper Plates from Herriott Grace: These make everything better. The perfect embodiment of my current copper obsession. /// 7. No. 6 Clogs: The best shoe ever?



naturalist gift guide

For the Naturalist

1. Helsinki Hat: Hand knit, check. Pom pom, check. Earflaps, check. /// 2. Wildcrafted White Sage Campfire Incense by Juniper Ridge: Whether you’re cleansing your house of spirits or cooking smells, this is the stuff. /// 3. Mum & Co Backpack I: Handmade, classic, and handsome. I want to carry all the things in this. /// 4. Berti Folding Knife: Handmade in Italy, a soulful & useful object for making everyday life beautiful. /// 5. Denali Parka: The shape & color & hood of this parka are ideal. I already have a parka. But I want this one too. /// 6. Wilder Quarterly: For people enthralled by the natural & growing world. 7. Siskiyou Unisex Backpacker’s Cologne by Juniper Ridge: Zero artificial fragrance & smells of mountains and rivers without end, conifer country and spicy Cedar, sparkly clear summer swimming holes with massive boulders down deep in the water. Yes, please.


mystic gift guide


For the Mystic

1. Ryan Roche Angora Wool Hat: Every witch needs a hat. Or ten. /// 2. Fireplace Broom: Ideal for sweeping ashes & keeping sacred spaces tidy, an unassuming besom. /// 3. Handmade Shelves & Crystal Collections by Stone & Violet: gorgeous storage for that healing crystal collection the mystic in your life is probably amassing. /// 4. Dream Circles by Torchlight: Inspired by mythology & folklore these are handcrafted from deer skin, found branches, crystals, and feathers. The most beautiful dream catchers I’ve ever seen. /// 5. The Wild Unknown Deck: Hand drawn deck that eschews the patriarchal suits in favor of familial titles like Mother, Father, etc, and uses depictions of animals instead of people. An earthy, intuitive deck. /// 6. Klaia Cage Cuff by Odette: Delicate & classic lines inspired by sacred geometry. /// 7. Lodge Camp Dutch Oven: The perfect cast iron cauldron for a kitchen witch that will last a life time.

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