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white chocolate ricotta cheesecake


Hello, hello from new motherhood. We went to New York, upstate & the city, a working vacation of sorts last week. I turned my brain off. Let my inbox froth over. And then I got home. I was supposed to hit the ground running—recipes, photoshoots, moving into our house. And, you know, having a baby. We have help, glorious indispensable help. But it still completely dwarfed me. My creativity flat lined. I lost it over a failed FedEx errand & 5 PM Friday traffic. And then I woke up this morning. Sort of. Somewhere between morning and the middle of the night. I sat downstairs digging out of my inbox until the sun came up. And then I pulled this white chocolate ricotta cheesecake out of the fridge where it had been setting over night. And it was perfect; my platonic ideal of ricotta cheesecake made with buddha’s hand lemon, spices, and Lindt LINDOR White Chocolate Truffles. And the light was perfect. And I felt the sun streaming back into my soul. So it goes.


kyoto city guide


Here’s a small step into the streets of Kyoto. Wanderlust has always had me by the throat, but I don’t think I could have ever dreamed of how travel would take over my life. I really tried to be content with my home in the south, tried so hard I succeeded. But that’s the brilliant thing about life. Once you accept reality, doors open. When I accepted that my home was a small town in Tennessee (even though I’d always dreamed of broader horizons), all of the sudden those horizons unfolded before me. Life is long. Failure and success are funny things. Adversity is your frienemy. And travel is my life blood. I’d dreamed of Japan for so many years, ignorantly assumed I’d love it despite not knowing a thing about it. But it was one of those situations where you were right, so right, even with no cause to be.


saison steamed mussels + fennel, saffron, & preserved lemon


This is last night’s dinner, and the truth is I didn’t want to share the recipe with you. It’s so good I wanted to hoard it for the hypothetical cookbook I’m not writing but rather have been procrastinating for 3 years. Despite having every opportunity to do so, I simply don’t. I rationalized not doing it by saying I wanted to travel; that I didn’t want to rush into it like many bloggers do and end up writing something mediocre or gimmicky that I wasn’t proud of; that I needed time to know myself as a cook, photographer, and writer. And that was all true. Was. I think it’s time I let good enough be good enough and just go for it. If I’m not ready by now, I never will be. Still, I just couldn’t keep these beer steamed mussels to myself. And the photos here are an exercise in simply good enough as I learn to navigate blogging, working, retreats, and full time mothering all at the same time.


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