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Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookies with Adaptogens

raw vegan gingerbread cookies

Get the recipes for these guilt-free, stress busting raw vegan adaptogen gingerbread cookies—a healthy, gluten free dairy free, recipe with coconut milk icing.

What if you could have all the holiday comfort of a soft, chewy gingerbread cookie with all the health benefits of chia, oats, almonds, blackstrap molasses, and adaptogens? In one mood-boosting, guilt-free bite? What if you could give your family & littles cookies all season that actually nourish them? And what if the recipe was easy, raw, vegan, and refined sugar free? And gorgeous?!

Most importantly: what if these raw vegan gingerbread cookies tasted like actual freaking cookies and not some sad facsimile! If that all sounds too good to be true: it’s not. Made with a few scoops of adaptogens and Wooden Spoon Herbs magical cocoa, these are the chewy gingerbread cookies of your dreams that you can feel good about AND get addicted to.


Local Milk Gift Guide // 2018

The 2018 Local Milk Holiday & Christmas gift guide is a curation of beautiful, sustainable, minimalist, and hand-crafted ideas for slow living, the minimalist, fashion, wellness, home, stocking stuffers, babies & kids, and him & her to suit every budget. We have gifts from artisans, makers, small shops, designers, and more.

Slow living is never more delicious than during the holidays. Copper pots of cinnamon sticks, clove, and orange peel simmer on the stove. A wood fire burns in the hearth. Steaming cups of cider & cocoa always close at hand along with creamy batches of homemade eggnog with a drop of smoky bourbon. Balsam fir and dulcet carols. Royal icing and gingerbread. Spiced cakes and succulent roasts. Hand-knit sweaters and homemade wreaths.

And, and, and….OR does this sound more familiar: a hectic freight train called CHRISTMAS barreling at you as you try to pull it all together in time for the holiday party, for Christmas morning, for last minute shipping deadlines. I know all too well what that pressure is like. Which is why in this year’s annual Local Milk Gift Guide 2018 I’ve done all the hard work for you and curated a selection of over 150+ gifts for him, her, and the little ones so you can spend your time with a bit more holiday zen and a bit less zoning out on Google combing the internet for the perfect gift. Because the gift of slow living is the best gift we can give ourselves. For even more ideas after you peruse this guide make sure to also visit our past gift guides from 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Also, I made a gift for YOU for the holidays: 2 FREE Lightroom editing presets for desktop and mobile so you can edit your photos like a pro for your blog, Instagram, or brand. They’re the two most popular presets from The Instagram Collection, and one is dark & moody while the other is bright and poppy! I hope they save you time creating beautiful visual stories & help you get a little more slow living during this busy season!


Jammy Deviled Eggs with Homemade Kewpie Mayo & Furikake

jammy eggs with homemade kewpie mayo and furikake, a japanese inspired take on french "oeuf mayo" that's like deviled eggs but easier! Thanksgiving just got more umami!

A romantic, rustic, pastel take on the traditional thanksgiving table setting with mismatched plates and linens and peach roses for a soft, casual centerpiece and white candles for decor | photos and styling by Beth Kirby of Local Milk

Pull up a seat at my Thanksgiving table—all are welcome here. Grab one of the jammy deviled eggs. Forgive the lack of fall hues. Orange was never my thing. And forgive the mismatched plates and linen. The humble flowers from the local shop. The bedsheet masquerading as a table cloth. This wasn’t an elaborate photoshoot. My husband & I threw it together with what we had on hand. Nothing was ironed. The candles were crooked. And it was lovely to sit here and eat green beans with lots of aleppo pepper, a lemony roast chicken, chess pie, and our real masterpiece—these Japan inspired “deviled eggs” which are really more “oeuf mayo”—the deconstructed French predecessor to the glorious deviled egg. Find the recipe and some meanderings on gratitude below…


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