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Dark Chocolate Orange Flower Bundt Cake + DIY Christmas Crackers

Dark Chocolate Orange Blossom Bundt Cake with Whiskey, Buttermilk Cardamom, and Nutmeg + an Orange Flower & Creme Fraiche Glaze. This recipe for Christmas dessert cakes is rich, moist, fudgy, and easy to bake from scratch with kids! | #foodphotography and #foodstyling by Beth Kirby / Local Milk

Christmas is in two sleeps! I wanted to create a Christmas cake this year that was nostalgic, easy (critical when baking with a toddler at your heels—see the photographs below! Haha), rich, and moist. This cake taste like SO much more than it looks! Honestly, bundt cakes can be pretty unimpressive. But these dark chocolate orange bundt cake are made with buttermilk, whiskey, and triple chocolate (melted, cocoa, and chips!) plus orange zest and orange flower water for a twist on the traditional holiday combination of chocolate & orange. Trust me on these. They’re the perfect Christmas dessert.

I also made DIY Christmas crackers filled with beautiful party favors! They’ve always been a tradition at my family’s holiday dinner table—paper crowns, bad jokes, and all. So, I wanted to create a personalized version. You can fill them with lovely gifts like chocolates, tea, self-care products, little bottles of spirits, and confetti. And of course bad jokes and paper crowns too! I hope these become a tradition at your Christmas if they aren’t! Read on to learn the details of  the recipe, our gift wrapping, and how to make the Christmas crackers! (and you can shop the post!) 


Neutral Holiday Table & Natural Christmas Decor

Minimalist, modern, neutral holiday tablescape for Christmas. A winter table setting with a natural, unique dried flower centerpiece, white linen table cloth, mini bouquet place settings, and brass gold flatware. The star is a dried flower bouquet and homemade wreaths with pampas grass, bleached fern, tallow berry, bunny tail grass, and lunaria. By Beth Kirby | Local Milk Blog.

To celebrate the winter solstice I created the Narnia inspired, neutral holiday table of my DREAMS. All that’s missing is rose scented turkish delights! My friend & floral designer, Kaitlin of Petaline, brought my natural Christmas decor dreams to life, and Matt & I set the table using everyday ware and little bit of bling. And because we wanted the tablescape to be something you could do at home, Kaitlin designed a simple centerpiece, wreaths, and mini bouquet place settings. The result is a beautiful, minimalist Christmas table setting & neutral winter decor that’s elegant & timeless yet still unique & modern. Read on for inspiration, sources, and to learn how to make a centerpiece of your own!


Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookies with Adaptogens

raw vegan gingerbread cookies

Get the recipes for these guilt-free, stress busting raw vegan adaptogen gingerbread cookies—a healthy, gluten free dairy free, recipe with coconut milk icing.

What if you could have all the holiday comfort of a soft, chewy gingerbread cookie with all the health benefits of chia, oats, almonds, blackstrap molasses, and adaptogens? In one mood-boosting, guilt-free bite? What if you could give your family & littles cookies all season that actually nourish them? And what if the recipe was easy, raw, vegan, and refined sugar free? And gorgeous?!

Most importantly: what if these raw vegan gingerbread cookies tasted like actual freaking cookies and not some sad facsimile! If that all sounds too good to be true: it’s not. Made with a few scoops of adaptogens and Wooden Spoon Herbs magical cocoa, these are the chewy gingerbread cookies of your dreams that you can feel good about AND get addicted to.


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