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My 10-Step Clean Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin

my 10 step clean korean skincare routine for glowing skin by beth kirby local milk

My skincare ritual, a clean version of the 10-step Korean skincare routine, is a fundamental part of my self-care practice. A clean skincare routine transformed my skin and made make-up largely unnecessary. I used to be a full coverage foundation girl, and now I wear nothing at all or a light SPF BB cream at most. But my skincare routine is more than that to me. It’s not just a means to glowing skin. It’s an everyday luxury, a moment I can thank and honor this body that has served me so well. A body that has birthed, created, loved, lost, survived, and thrived. It is a way of saying daily “I am worthy. I am grateful.” 

Read on to see how my skin looks these days and learn what the 10-step Korean skincare routine is, my exact morning and evening routine, and my favorite clean skincare products!


Apple Butter Ruffled Milk Pie

Apple Butter Ruffled Milk Pie with Bella Karragiannidis on Local Milk Blog by Beth Kirby. A step by step recipe that walks you through how to make homemade apple butter and then transform it into a pie with phyllo dough. Bella provides tips and tricks to master your phyllo dough and custard to make sure that there will be no leftovers for this fall dessert.

This week’s guest contributor is Bella Karragiannidis, the voice and visionary behind her creative food blog Ful-filled!

For most of my life, fall was associated with turning leaves, apple picking, and all things pumpkin. There is nothing like the anticipation for sweater weather, cozy times by the fire, and spice scented candles flickering throughout the house. Fall just may be the most nostalgic time of year, but my love for this season grew even deeper and more meaningful when I married into a Greek family.


An Herbalist’s Tool Kit for Traveling + Lavender Hand Sanitizer & Aromatherapy Spray Recipe

An Herbalist’s Tool Kit for Traveling + Natural Hand Sanitizer & Aromatherapy Spray Recipe with Lauren Haynes on Local Milk Blog by Beth Kirby.

Today’s herbal travel toolkit and DIY recipe for a spray that works both as a natural hand sanitizer on-the-go and aromatherapy is written by my friend & clinical herbalist, Lauren Haynes of Wooden Spoon Apothecary. She shares a comprehensive list of natural remedies on the go from preventative measures to anxiety busters to antidotes for common woes like colds, upset stomach, and headaches.

When I was fourteen, I hopped on a plane heading for South Florida. Spring break? Nope! Visiting Nana. Visiting my sharp-edged, Kool-smoking Nana meant undivided attention, hours of Judge Joe Brown, strolling endless flea markets, and bagels. It also meant, nearly without fail, coming down with a nasty cold. 


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