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coconut matcha latte

a quick & easy super healthy vegan coconut matcha latte recipe made with coconut milk, the perfect, creamy herbal morning potion that's as great iced as it is warm

Meet the latest addition to my morning routine, an herb spiked coconut matcha latte full of superfood goodness that I developed with my friend Lauren of Wooden Spoon Herbs in honor of the new year. Intentions have been set. The beast that was 2017 has been reviewed, learned from, and let go. And of my intentions for the new year, prioritizing my morning routine is one of the biggest. It’s easy to say “put on your own oxygen mask first”, but then we all go around acting like we can just hold our breath forever. You can’t. I can’t. No one can.


wild mushroom, fennel, & camembert pot pie

vegetarian wild mushroom, thyme, camembert, and fennel pot pie for thanksiving, christmas, or cozy winter nights by Beth Kirby | Local Milk

The goal with this mushroom pot pie was to create a new holiday tradition. I’m southern, and nothing says Thanksgiving like pie, but they’re usually sweet pies. This works as both a meat free Thanksgiving main for those in need of a turkey stand in, but works just as well as a sumptuous side for the classic bird lovers. I wanted to create a recipe that would please everyone. And this, friends, is IT. Made extra creamy by a  milk & Camembert sauce, this is magic food. I can imagine this golden pie steaming on the table of some hobbit home carved out of the trunk of a 1,000 year old tree in a mossy forest populated by fantastical flora and fauna, faeries and all manner of magical beasts. Mr. Tumnus would make this for you if you dropped by. Okay, maybe I just got carried away. But the point remains: this vegetarian mushroom pot pie is true feast day food worthy of any holiday table. So, without further ado, meet your new favorite tradition. Trust me.


tamago kake gohan | a simple, quick japanese breakfast

traditional japanese breakfast tamago kake gohan (japanese rice and egg bowl) and yuzo miso soup with a side of tsukemono pickles

Meet one of my favorite breakfasts: tamago kake gohan. A traditional, Japanese breakfast dish, tamago kake gohan is a rice and egg bowl that’s quick, easy, and comforting. Seasoned with a bit of shoyu & mirin + topped with furikake, it’s completely addictive. The final bowl is creamy, luscious, umami perfection. I know the raw egg might seem weird, but it cooks, and it’s SO good. Please trust me and try this ASAP. I’ve had it every morning for the past…I don’t even know how many days. You can top it with all kinds of things like scallion, greens, or even raw or cooked salmon or other fish.


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