Peach Curd & Rosewater Tartlets with Basil Whipped Cream and Nasturtium Flowers

Peach Curd & Rosewater Tartlets

The summer solstice is fast approaching, and this is food for the denizens of summer, the fair folk of the emerald isle of Tír na nÓg, the faeries. I used to believe in them. I believed in diaphanous winged fay with golden hair, in wizened hobgoblins of the kitchen fire, mean hair pulling pixies and sprites that … Read more

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cake: Perfect Imperfection

mini peanut butter cake with chocolate ganache frosting

I prefer a life lived in. Real perfection is necessarily imperfect: it’s polymorphous, in flux, crooked, and warm, cluttered and lopsided. You won’t find it in a catalogue. That contrived, mechanical sort of perfection is impossibly dull. Rather, you’ll find it in spiraling cells, in organisms multiplying, unfurling, evolving, wilting, copulating, decomposing, and dying. Seas and mall … Read more

warm mushroom salad with bacon vinaigrette, blue cheese & poached egg

salad with warm bacon & mushroom vinaigrette

  All that talk of forgoing mushrooms and bacon for love…and here I give you a salad with warm mushroom bacon vinaigrette? Let me explain myself. I’m a hot-blooded, human girl. I have needs.  Bacon and mushroom needs. Creamy red leaf lettuce tossed with shallots, warm cremini mushrooms, sherry vinegar, bacon, and fresh herbs, sprinkled with Amish … Read more

Pecan Sticky Buns

Classic sticky buns are some of the best sweet breakfast rolls ever invented.  It consists of a basic cinnamon bun but has the element of an upside-down cake along with it. The sticky caramel sauce with pecans bakes on the bottom of the pan with the cinnamon roll on top, after it bakes it is … Read more

Chattanooga, TN Food Trucks: Famous Nater’s, taco sherpa, Monkey Town Donuts, & Pure Sodaworks

food trucks

    So. I recently discovered the burgeoning food truck scene in Chattanooga. My first thought was along the lines of: “Chattanooga has food trucks?! Since when…? This is unmitigated awesomeness.” I’ve pined for food trucks in Chattanooga ever since I spent some time in Portland, OR living off its thriving food truck scene back … Read more