Root Vegetable Cheese Pot Pie + Herb Biscuit Crust


This is a pot pie. Well, it’s actually more of a savory cobbler as it has a buttermilk biscuit topping instead of a pastry crust topping. This is cool weather comfort in a cast iron pot. A cornucopia of root vegetables—parsnip, celery root, fennel, carrots, sun chokes—unapologetically swimming in a vegetarian cheese sauce beneath clouds of rosemary thyme … Read more

Pan Fried Polenta With Wild Mushroom Ragu


It finally feels like fall in Tennessee. You know, the usual: crisp air, the odd rusty tornado of leaves tumbling through the streets; the mornings are sharp and so are my senses. A vegetarian take on an earthy braise over polenta, this Polenta with Wild Mushroom Ragu is the perfect way to welcome fall. And … Read more