Chocolate + Orange Bread Pudding (A.K.A. Easiest Bread Pudding Ever)

Dark Chocolate & Orange Bread Pudding

The day I made this was one of those days. I haphazardly made a bread dough in the morning. Failure. I made it again. Then I accidentally baked it in the oven in the bowl it was proofing in. Failure. I needed something that was easy. Eyes closed with a fragmented brain easy. And comforting. … Read more

an Italian gathering + spicy salted chocolate soufflé

Welcome to part two of the Bertolli Gold Label Italian Progressive Dinner Party series that I’m hosting (along with Tracy, Adrianna, Kristen, and Carrian). This is the part where food comes to life around the table. I knew I wanted to have a small, intimate get together with good friends to share the spaghetti & bison … Read more

Gluten Free Cherry Clafoutis

Traditional cherry clafoutis is a wonderful recipe that originated in France and is easy to whip up.  We are making a twist on tradition since we will be making this cherry clafoutis gluten free!  Get ready to make a beautiful gluten free clafoutis that all your guests will love! What you will love about gluten … Read more

Chamomile Panna Cotta

Traditional panna cotta is a delicious Italian dessert made with heavy cream and sugar and thickened with gelatin. It is placed in either wine glasses, or molded with some type of small ramekin, and can either be removed from the mold after it sets, or served straight from the serving glass. When it comes down … Read more

Raw Vegan Chocolate Truffles

When following a special diet, it’s imperative that we have some sort of indulgence to look forward to.  That’s where this recipe for raw vegan chocolate truffles comes in!  This one will satisfy your chocolate cravings and we made sure to keep it raw vegan friendly!  What you will love about this raw vegan chocolate … Read more