Paris Under Quarantine | Small Business Shopping & Eating Guide

It’s no secret that small businesses, including restaurants, specialty grocers, and cafes are among those hardest hit by the effects of COVID-19. Many have stayed open, pivoting to offer delivery services or no-contact pickup in hopes of weathering the storm and keeping people fed and stocked in the meantime. This Paris small business shopping & eating guide is mostly courtesy of Emily Jackson of The Glittering Unknown. Thank you, Emily! She is also an American living in Paris during this unprecedented crisis. We’ve made a few additions! Most all businesses on this list are offering delivery right now. Check their hours and operating terms before ordering. Oh, and be sure to tip well!

Supporting Local Businesses in Your City or Town

It is more important than ever to continue supporting small and local businesses. It might make the difference between whether they can reopen after the pandemic ends. Check-in with your favorite spots on social media to see if they are open, or offering any delivery or no-contact pickup options!

For small grocers who are staying open to shop, minimize your footprint in them! Only touch what you plan to buy, wear a mask, using disinfecting wipes or sanitizer before and after touching carts or payment card readers, and try to send only one person from your family to do the shopping.

Paris Small Business Shopping & Eating Guide


  1. Bergamotte
  2. Monsieur Marguerite


  1. Circus Bakery (Bread)
  2. La Maison Plisson (Artisan Market)
  3. Jean Hwang Carrant (Cookies)
  4. Boulangerie Chambelland Paris (Gluten-Free Bakery)
  5. Dodo Cookie Co. (Vegan Cookies)
  6. The Hood Paris (Coffee & Canteen)
  7. Poilane (Bread)
  8. Bao Family (Chinese Food)

Specialty Grocers

  1. Faggio Salumerie
  2. Verre Vole Epicerie
  3. Mon Epicerie Paris (Vegan)
  4. Miyam Paris
  5. Comptoir Des Producteurs (Produce)


  1. Septime La Cave
  2. La Cave de Belleville
  3. Liquiderie
  4. Divvino Paris / Divvino Marais


  1. Cafes Belleville
  2. KB Coffee Roasters Paris
  3. Dose Paris
  4. Terres de Cafe Paris
  5. Coutume Cafe

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