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comfort is key

Hello, Local Milk readers! We’ve all made it to another Fresh Milk Friday, very likely spent at home taking care of work, kids, schooling, cooking, cleaning, or all of the above (you guys are heroes)! This week’s round-up of links from across the web is all about times in life when comfort is key. Now more than ever, we believe clothing can be a form of security. What we wear protects us not just from physical exposure, but can also wrap us in an emotional cocoon, providing a metaphysical barrier between us and our fears and anxieties.

Today we’re sharing 15 links for slow-living style, perfect for long days spent at home. Whether that means taking the dog for a socially distanced walk around the block, setting up daily camp in your home office, cooking three meals a day seven days a week, or lounging on the sofa with a good book (what we’re reading right now), this list has you covered. If there was ever a time in life to expand your wardrobe with luxurious loungewear, this is it. 

What are you wearing during all these days at home? Full-time pajamas? Do you get fully dressed every day to help you focus and feel “together”? Make-up and all, or messy bun and dry shampoo? Explore the slow fashion links below if you need to add something cozy to the rotation and have a restful, slow-living weekend.

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slow fashion collage

  1. Lauren Manoogian Mono Slide in Linen
  2. Kordal Rowan Trouser in Fog Grey
  3. Elizabeth Suzann Georgia Dress in Linen Gauze
  4. Jenni Kayne Cashmere Tee in Taupe
  5. Shop Fog Linen Lightweight Linen Leggings
  6. 7115 by SZEKI Raw Silk Reversible Tank
  7. Le Bon Shoppe Pump Socks in Bone
  8. Ichi Antiquites Scarf in Natural and Cream Check
  9. Babaà Cotton Trousers in Clay Pot
  10. Ace & Jig Duster in Matchstick
  11. Jesse Kamm The Fly Hat
  12. Doen Arden Cardigan Sweater in Camel
  13. Beaton Linen Utility Dress in Earth
  14. Shop Fog Linen Ilana Shirt in Ivoire
  15. Block Shop Textiles Scarf in Poiret


P.S. If you’re looking for something approachable to bake this weekend, our latest guest contributor Michaela shared her favorite no-knead bread recipe she makes with her little ones!


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