10 Delicious Side Dishes to Serve Alongside Nigerian Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is one of those iconic and beloved West African dishes that’s celebrated for its incredible flavors. The rich, smoky-tasting rice gets its signature bright orange-red hue from a tomato-based sauce loaded with spices and seasonings. It’s deeply savory and comforting, but still cries out for some accompaniments to make it a complete meal. … Read more

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48 Best Filipino Desserts (w/ Recipes & Pictures!) 

Filipino cuisine is so diverse and amazing and I love their desserts!! Whether you’re munching down on some adobo or enjoying a simple sinangag with breakfast, any day is made better with dishes from the Philippines. Still, one type of dish that’s often overlooked are the desserts! Filipino cuisine features many amazing sweet treats. I’ve … Read more

25 Mouthwatering Side Dishes to Serve with Enchiladas

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41 Delicious Rice Flour Recipes (w/ Pictures)

I’ve known about rice flour for years. But it wasn’t an ingredient I incorporated into my cooking repertoire – until recently. There are two types of rice flour, regular and glutinous. The latter has nothing to do with gluten though, it just refers to the sweet or sticky rice that used to make it. It’s … Read more

47 Best Phyllo Dough Recipes (w/ Pictures!)

Phyllo – even the name sounds fluffy and delicately delicious. The name means “leaf” in Greek because of this unleavened dough’s thin texture. It’s one of my favorite doughs to work with because I’m always guaranteed a light and fluffy texture with just the right amount of flaky and crispy to make any pastry, pie, … Read more