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mirabelle plum clafoutis + baby led weaning

I bought a lot of plums. Way too many plums. But they were all so beautiful—dusty purples, greens, and gold. The littlest ones, the yellow mirabelles, are the sweetest. Eula likes to grab them in her fist and eat them straight out of the bowl, as do I. I also throw them in quick breads, poach them for topping pancakes, or, my favorite, put them in this clafoutis. Clafoutis is like a mix between custard and cake, a little bit like a Dutch baby in that it puffs up dramatically in the oven but settles down immediately upon pulling it out. My clafoutis has a bit of almond meal because I like the texture and orange blossom water because it’s my favorite flavor, and it’s made with whole milk & eggs. It’s custardy, fruity, not too sweet, and perfect for a weekend breakfast served with a creamy glass of milk, one of the original farm-to-table foods (and the namesake of this blog!) Eula rarely gets anything sweet other than fruit, so this was a revelation. Her eyes were saucers, and she bopped her head with joy between each bite. Read on for more about our experience with “baby led weaning”.


the story so far | welcome (back) to local milk

Welcome to Local Milk! Or, rather, welcome back. I decided, unceremoniously, to take the summer off from blogging—in that time my husband and I moved to Paris (part time), traveled a lot, hosted retreats, and I, somewhere in the whirlwind, thought through a new direction for this space and finished my long over due cook book proposal. The snapshots in this post are from our summer—we’ve bounced everywhere from Tennessee to Paris to Venice to Marrakech to Greece to Formentera to Copenhagen since I was last “here”. It’s been an intense summer. And yes, I’m grateful. I’m also really tired. Good tired, mostly. But today is a day to recharge. I’m writing this from a terrace on Formentera, Spain, one of my favorite islands on earth. The sea is crashing into cliffs in front of me, and a very large cup of ginger lemon tea is next to my laptop. We just finished hosting our slow living retreat here yesterday. My daughter, Eulalie, just woke up. She’s almost 13 months old now, and this year has been her year. If I’ve accomplished nothing else, I’ve kept her alive and healthy. I just carried her upstairs from the bedroom, nursed her, and now she’s playing inside with dad and her “friends” (sundry stuffed animals, bits of trash, pots and pans). In this moment, life is all I ever dreamed it could be. It looks like the day will be sunny when clouds were forecast, and if I finish work in the morning there’ll be time enough for the beach and swimming in the afternoon. And perhaps a ham and tomato sandwich.


Walnut Milk Adaptogen Elixir | Welcome to Adaptogens

Today we have a guest post by Lauren Haynes of Wooden Spoon Herbs, a brief primer on magical adaptogenic herbs along with a recipe for a luscious adaptogen mocha laced with cocoa, tahini, and honey as well as a recipe for homemade walnut milk (a departure from my usual hazelnut or almond!) While this walnut milk adaptogen elixir was formulated especially for the post-partum mother, it works equally well for anyone who needs some calm in their life. Is that all of us? Expect more adaptogen recipes in the future! Lauren inspired me, and I’ve stocked my pantry with a few of my favorites and plan to incorporate them into teas, smoothies, soups, porridge, and so much more! In my brief research, it seems that adaptogens are most efficacious when used regularly. This would make a lovely evening ritual, and I’m experimenting with throwing them in my morning wellness elixir as well! Click read more to find Lauren’s introduction to adaptogens below!


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