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Fresh Milk | How to Dress for When Comfort is Key

comfort is key

Hello, Local Milk readers! We’ve all made it to another Fresh Milk Friday, very likely spent at home taking care of work, kids, schooling, cooking, cleaning, or all of the above (you guys are heroes)! This week’s round-up of links from across the web is all about times in life when comfort is key. Now more than ever, we believe clothing can be a form of security. What we wear protects us not just from physical exposure, but can also wrap us in an emotional cocoon, providing a metaphysical barrier between us and our fears and anxieties.


Baking Bread Together | A New Family Tradition

bread baking no knead

My name is Michaela. I am a passionate photographer, cook, mother, wife, and daughter. In addition to my career in financial services, I spend time cooking for those I love, photographing the beauty in people, places, and food as well as updating our 1890s cottage on Cape Cod. Today I’ll be sharing with you the new rhythms in our home during quarantine, including a new family tradition of baking bread together.

I write to you from our seaside town south of Boston, where we’ve been social distancing for almost a month. The sun is shining through my office windows, and I see many signs of spring: green stems poking up through the dirt, tiny buds on long branches, hyacinths, and crocuses in bloom. Nature continues on as we seem frozen in place, losing track of days and weeks.


Fresh Milk | The Local Milk Essential Cookbook List + Publish Your Own Cookbook!

local milk e cookbook starter kit

Hello, LM family! This week on Fresh Milk we’re celebrating the launch of our newest resource over at Beth Kirby! The Complete Self-Publishing Starter Kit | Cookbook Edition. In honor of this release we’re rounding up the Local Milk Essential Cookbook List. These are all our most favorite, treasured, food-splattered picks that we hope can bring some fresh inspiration to your mealtimes.


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