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pumpkin pie oatmeal (vegan + gluten free)

pumpkin pie oatmeal porridge | vegan gluten free

It’s pumpkin season. And that demands PUMPKIN EVERYTHING, amirite? It’s also oatmeal season. So! Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal: my standard breakfast oatmeal pumpkin-ified. Because I wanted to give you some real food for real days, not a big layer cake or a pie recipe that only has any business being made 1 or 2 days out of the year. Nothing wrong with those—I love feast day food & have a couple of really luscious Thanksgiving recipes in the works! But I’m in a practical mood these days. Maybe it’s because I’m a mom now, and that’s how that (vegan, whole grain) cookie crumbles. Haha. So go build a fire, put on a cozy sweater and cable-knit socks, jump in a pile of burnished leaves, fill every corner of your home with decorative heirloom gourds, and put it all on Instagram. But eat this before you do. Cause it’s #fallyall, and that gives us all permission to get a little basic.


35 Baby Travel Tips: Infant to 1 Year Old + Minimalist Baby Packing List

travel with baby

Finally! I have been working on this guide for a year. This is all of the knowledge I’ve accumulated from traveling with Eula during the first year of her life. Before her first birthday she’d been on over 40 flights and to at least 10 countries. I lose exact count, to be honest. We’ve dealt with sickness on the road, jet lag, packing, blow outs, missed flights, you name it. And it’s all been fine. After over a year of traveling with a baby I can say with complete honesty that it’s totally worth it and totally doable. Yes, it’s harder. Of course it’s freaking harder. Not having a baby vs. having a baby. You do the math. But it’s not that hard. When it is hard just remember, this too shall pass. Have a relaxed, what happens happens attitude. No flight ever lasted forever, no crying spell either, no cold, no jet lag. If you’re the sort of person that would get totally freaked or exhausted or just generally not enjoy yourself over a crappy night’s sleep or on the road inconvenience, then maybe it isn’t the life for you. But if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you value travel, and in that case, it’s worth it. Totally. Babies love to watch the world go by, and ours was always happiest on the move and meeting new people. Keep reading below for my tips & experiences, packing list, a list of favorite gear, and for photos of Eula’s first year growing up on the road! Keep in mind, what worked for us won’t work for everyone, but this is what we did.


L | M Retreat | Marrakech Retreat 2017 Recap

la famille marrakech morocco local milk retreat table setting

Welcome to my Marrakech Retreat, virtual style! I’m heading to Marrakech this weekend to visit friends and work (read: edit, cook, and eat…a.k.a. research…a.k.a. I love my job!) I’ll be traveling alone with Eula for the first time as Matt will be in London. He’ll join us after a few days, but I’m still excited/nervous to be traveling just Eula and I! I’m sure it will be fabulous and uneventful, but it’s a first. We’ll see what tips for traveling alone with a baby-toddler I can come up with. Anyway, since I’m headed there and have the Marrakech retreat on the brain, it seems as good a time as any to post a recap of the retreat I hosted here this past February with my friend and Marrakech denizen Emma Rice, mother + photographer + intrepid nomad extraordinaire—follow her for all manner of inspiration, she’s living the dream and doing so with candor. We teamed up with our friend and stylist Nicole Manfron to create some beautiful tables such as the one above at La Famille (and the awesome desert table scape after the jump), and took our guests to all the best spots. There are a loooot of photos below, but it was week long retreat—what could I do! Edit myself? Surely not! If you like what you see, be the first to hear when we announce next year’s Marrakech Retreat and hop on our retreat mailing list here!  


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