local milk thimble and cloth hand dipped beeswax candle

Making at Home | Hand-Dipped Beeswax Taper Candles

Hello, Local Milk readers! I’m Lindy, I share about home and using our hands for meaningful work through my online shop Thimble & Cloth and Instagram. As a PNW native, I’ve learned to consciously incorporate ways to thoroughly enjoy these dreary winters rather than just enduring them and wishing for sunnier days. They almost invite you to stay in, take a bath in the middle of the day, knit at 2 pm, or sit on the floor doing puzzles with your kids. Candlelight only aids in this slowing down. A maker through and through, candlelight becomes even more enjoyable when dipping the tapered candles myself. Making hand-dipped beeswax taper candles is a relatively simple, cost-effective, and worthy way to spend a winter day at home. It’s also a great project with toddler age helpers, (just so long as they understand that the wax is hot!)  Supply List for Making Hand-Dipped Beeswax Taper Candles One pound of beeswax pellets – This amount will yield around ten medium-size tapered candles. You can get this at a local apiary or online. I prefer the pellets over the brick beeswax. They melt much faster, and grating beeswax isn’t a very effective process. I used triple-filtered beeswax pellets for this project, which is considered “cosmetic grade” and is why the candlesticks are white rather than the traditional yellow hue you tend to see. Beeswax Hemp Wick A double boiler system – An old deep and narrow pot that you can dip right from, a tall tin can,


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