A Kinfolk Workshop | The Art of Camp Cooking, Nashville, Tennessee

©Abraham & Susan Rowe ©Abraham & Susan Rowe ©Abraham & Susan Rowe ©Abraham & Susan Rowe ©Abraham & Susan Rowe Toward what end should gathering tend? We all know: to eat well, to dissolve & howl in aching fits of laughter, and to feel less alien, to find some silken strand that extends through the … Read more

Summer Soirée: Blackberry BBQ Sauce & Faux Smoked Pulled Pork

Blackberry Summer

I pulled myself up out of bed, hobbled to the kitchen, and hefted a slab of pork shoulder from Creekridge Farms into a roasting pan and slid it into the oven. It had been marinating over night in a wet rub of mustard, brown sugar, Fat Elvis blend by Alchemy Spice Co. (a local company), and … Read more

Honeysuckle Cordial


The sweet scent of honeysuckle takes me right back to childhood. I used to pick the delicate flowers just to savor their heavenly nectar. As an adult, that nostalgic aroma reminded me of lost innocence and simpler times.   After a long day of chores, I’d drift off dreaming of fields bursting with honeysuckle. Those … Read more

Wander Guide | Anegada & Virgin Gorda, The British Virgin Islands


Every time I sit down to write I get stuck. It’s spring. It’s snowing. I was gone all winter. It was really weird and cool and I did neat stuff that I’ll tell you all about. Later. After all that business of winter, which was hard work, we ran off to the end of the … Read more