Buttermilk + Roasted Banana Cupcakes with Lindt Truffle Filling & Marshmallow Frosting


We’re remodeling our entire home at the moment (pregnancy induced nesting instinct gone arguably awry), and I haven’t been living there since January. Homesick doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling. The white oak floors were finished while we were in Japan which means that while I can’t move back into the rest of the house (no sinks or showers!), … Read more

Bison Spaghetti

Bison is an incredibly delicious meat that is wonderful in many different recipes.  This bison spaghetti recipe turns out marvelous.   If you have never cooked with bison before, this is the recipe to try! Why you will love this bison spaghetti recipe If you are looking for an easy recipe to use with ground … Read more

Ricotta & Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Buttermilk Mornay, Fresh Figs, and Pancetta

sweet potato ricotta gnocchi with buttermilk mornay, fresh figs, & pancetta

So. I made this gnocchi on TV today. Wait. Let me rephrase that. I attempted to demonstrate how to make this gnocchi dough on TV today. What I actually did was just kind of mush my hands around in a pile of egg yolk, ricotta, and sweet potato. Six minutes is, apparently, a lot shorter than … Read more