Hot Buttered Fig & Rosemary Cider

kinfolk infusions workshop TN pt 2

The cold bite of winter is upon us once again. Icy winds rattle the windows as I settle into the sofa, curling my frozen toes toward the fireplace. Sipping a steaming mug of bourbon cider, I feel its honeyed warmth seep into my bones, thawing the chill. These quiet winter nights take me back to … Read more

Fig, Balsamic, and Rosemary Hand Pies

a still life in figs - fig, balsamic, rosemary hand pies

Late summer is a lens flare lucid dream. An imperious, two-volume Oxford English Dictionary now keeps company with the fearful symmetry of a cheap ceramic tyger on the bookshelf in the newly cleaned out study. Kombucha ferments in a sea-foam green bowl tucked away behind the cupboard doors of the midcentury buffet. We leave in six days for … Read more