10 Tips for How to Throw a Dinner Party in an Hour


I’ve thrown more gatherings that take a week of active preparation and a month of thought and planning than I can count. I love the production—the design & thought that goes into hospitality and creating an experience for guests, be it a coming together around a table or one of the retreats I host around the world, inspire me endlessly. … Read more

Natural Gift Wrapping | Floral Gift Toppers


I’m currently up in the Hudson Valley shooting the Jersey Ice Cream Company’s latest project, and I just said goodbye to my husband in Philly yesterday as he headed back home. Last night, trying to sleep at 2:30 AM, my mind was racing like a rabbit’s heart. Every thought from hollow eyed she-ghosts (one could imagine … Read more

Last-Minute DIY Holiday Gift | Preserved Lemons


This is a post about little gifts. A list of my five favorite blogs & a recipe for the perfect DIY last minute gift, homemade spiced preserved lemons. In a world full of content and things, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. That’s why I wanted to give you an idea for a … Read more

Rose Apple Tart

If you really want to “wow” your guests with a show-stopping, beautiful dessert, then this apple rose tart recipe is the recipe for you! I will be the first to admit that I am not a pastry chef or a pastry artist, but this recipe tutorial for how to make an apple rose tart is … Read more

Sorghum Cake

Sorghum cake is definitely one of those Southern comfort desserts!  Made with sorghum syrup, or sorghum molasses, it tastes very similar to a spice cake.  Since sorghum is the main sweetener in this recipe, there is no need for a super sweet frosting.  This sorghum cake recipe turns out sweet and moist.  What you will … Read more