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Gift Guide | For Those Who Dig the Local Milk Vibe (Editor’s Choice!)

Beth Kirby's Editors Choice Local Milk Gift Guide for 2019

Growing up, this time of year seemed truly magical. Getting to stay up later than usual, wearing cozy matching pajamas, sugary treats everywhere you looked. Houses glowing from the inside out made our regular driving routes seem like a theme park adventure.

More than anything, I remember coming home to our Christmas tree. It beamed with welcoming from the street, and every little ornament had a story to tell. There was a photo of me with a bad haircut glued to construction paper shaped like a church bell. Then there were my mother’s antique German ornaments that had survived not only a fire but a previous year’s tree crashing to the ground. We would decorate the tree together and tell the stories of each bauble as we hunted for the perfect limb to hang it on.


Gift Guide | For the Wellness Enthusiast

Beth Kirby's Local Milk Wellness Enthusiast Gift Guide with Guest Poster Lauren Haynes from Wooden Spoon Herbs

Hi friends, and happy yule tidings! My name is Lauren Haynes, an herbalist, and owner of Wooden Spoon Herbs. It’s that time of year where we cozy up and get together with those we love. Gifts are usually involved, and that gets so overwhelming. My gifting ethos is simple: stick with the practical, themed or a mix of the two.

I’ve compiled my favorite gift for the wellness enthusiast or budding herbalist in your life. This is the person who always has turmeric stained fingers, is making a morning “tonic” with 25 ingredients, and is telling you that your zodiac sign makes you prone to headaches (aka my favorite kind of person)! (more…)

Gift Guide | For the Playful Yet Practical Wardrobe

Local Milk Gift Guide for Women's Wardrobe and Clothing Ideas

Hi! I’m Alison Wu, the stylist, recipe developer, and lifestyle blogger behind Wu Haus. You may know me from my colorful dishes on my Instagram feed. Food is one of my favorite ways to express myself creatively. The recipes I make are a reflection of what inspires me daily, from the vibrant colors at the farmer’s market to the natural textures of the land.

But long before I even knew how to cook, as a young girl, I began using fashion as a way to express creativity. Over the years, influences like color, shape, texture, playfulness, and more have evolved my personal style to what it is today. In my 30s, I’ve found a greater sense of confidence, which has empowered me to take more risks and have fun with what I’m wearing.


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