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How Food Helps Me Thrive with Autoimmune Conditions

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My name is Elena Dragoi and I’m a passionate photographer and stylist. My website (a work in progress!) has been my happy place during this unique time we are all experiencing. You can also find me on Instagram where I recently re-joined after pausing for three years to focus on my self-care. Today I am here to share with you how food helps me thrive with autoimmune conditions. The term “well-being” has become even more imperative during my time of self-quarantine and with that, nutrition has been the focal point of attention. Here is a little glimpse into my world and the journey that shaped my life. Sending so much love, warmth and light your way.


10 Self-Care Strategies for Uncertain Times

provence france market self-care strategies

Hi, my name is Rachel Baker, and I am the nutrition and lifestyle coach behind 3 Sources. It’s my mission to help others live as optimally as possible through the power of plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine. During these uncertain times, I believe it is essential that we keep checking in with ourselves to stay grounded, present, and in our bodies. Over the past three weeks, I’ve been posting self-care strategies – a self-care package of sorts – with recipes, tutorials, daily rituals, and lifestyle recommendations to offer support, and that may speak to what you might be going through right now. Here, I’m sharing my top 10 personal favourites; the go-to practices that I’ll continue to turn to while we are in this collective pause, and beyond. (more…)

High Vibrational Living for Health, Healing, & Creative Focus + Maple Broccolini Salad with Wasabi Cashew Cream Recipe

high vibrational eating

Hi lovely creatives! I’m so honored to be part of Local Milk’s community! My name is Christina Soeberg. I’m the founder of the blog Thyme & Emerald, and I aim to inspire others to explore high vibrational living. I shed light on the art of detoxification and how we can empower ourselves to transform our health for the better. I’m based in Copenhagen with my daughter Hope.

Today I’m sharing my story of how I went from a fast-paced lifestyle as a fashion designer to being bedridden for years and how adopting a holistic approach to my health transformed me both physically and emotionally.


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