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Fresh Milk | 15 Home & Kitchen Projects To Tackle While Social Distancing

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I’m not sure about your house, but I tell you what — my apartment in Paris has never been cleaner. I think that’s what happens when your husband and kid are an ocean away, and you’re on lockdown. I know many of you are more stretched than ever with work, kids schooling, and homelife newly intermingled for the foreseeable future. So if the idea of sitting down with this list of 15 kitchen and home projects I rounded up to freshen your currently very permanent residence makes you want to hide under the covers… I get it.


Fresh Milk | What to Do, Watch, Learn & Listen to During Isolation

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Nothing about this week has been “business as usual.” For what feels like the first time in my lifetime, the entire world has turned its focus to a unifying crisis — the COVID-19 pandemic. Jobs are being lost by the thousands, whole industries are on the brink of breakdown, schools are closed, and for so many, going into work feels like entering a warzone. People are afraid of each other, of touching things, of the future. Conversations about anxiety and mental health are at an all-time high. Our lives are being disrupted and reshaped in very challenging ways almost overnight. It’s a lot. On top of everything, we’re trying to figure out what to do while we’re in isolation to keep our lives moving forward and keep our sanity while we’re at it.


5 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

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Hi, my name is Sarah Van Raden. I am the photo-stylist turned potter and shop-owner behind the company Notary Ceramics. Now that I now spend most of my days creating with clay, I find the seasons have taken on new meaning for me. As summer rolls into fall, I am on the lookout for gorgeous dried leaves to press into the clay, bits of sand and rock to add to our pieces and gorgeous fall colors to influence our autumn glaze palette. As our long Pacific Northwest winters melt into spring, I find myself creating large planters that I imagine filling with seed sprouts. I shape ikebana vases that will inevitably teem with cherry blossoms as soon as the trees pop those first pink petals. As we are on the precipice of spring and maybe being more homebound than we had planned this time of year, I thought it would be appropriate to give you my top five ways to refresh your home for spring. I hope that this gives you a little inspiration for creating a seasonal home for little cost. 


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