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5 Sustainable Gift-Giving (& Wrapping!) Ideas

Sustainable gift giving and gift wrapping ideas on local milk blog with Beth Kirby and Kristine Claghorn of Cabin Vintage

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Hello! I’m Kristine Claghorn! I am a creative producer and owner of the online vintage shop, Cabin. I live in Los Angeles by way of Indiana and am a Midwesterner at heart.

As a highly sentimental person, the holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the warm drinks, twinkling lights, and the sense of togetherness that colder weather brings. There’s nothing better than spending time with the ones you love (and giving them the perfect gift). As we approach this season of giving, I’ve been challenging myself to find better solutions with giving (like sustainable gift wrapping) to offset the tremendous amount of waste that unfortunately accompanies this magical time. That is why I rounded up 5 sustainable gift-giving (and wrapping) ideas for you this holiday season.


Turkey & Buttermilk Sage Dumpling Soup

turkey sage buttermilk dumpling soup

So the big day is over, the turkey had it’s moment of glory….and now you’re left with the leftovers. Well, I don’t know what I need to say to convince you that you need to make this, but this turkey and sage buttermilk dumpling soup is literally one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. Ever. No exaggeration what so ever. It’s comforting, cozy, like gravy, stew, and gnocchi had a baby. Fluffy sage buttermilk dumplings in an enriched stock that tastes homemade (but cheats and only take 30 minutes & involves no messy bones!) with fall-apart tender pieces of leftover turkey (so much better than the dried out meat on a sandwich!) It’s addictively comforting. Of all the things I’ve cooked in my lifetime, this is one I know I will make again and again. And once my kitchen is clean from the Thanksgiving chaos (good lord, such chaos), I’m going to make it again today. It is that good.


Grandma’s Best Creamy Mac & Cheese Ever


creamiest gooiest baked mac and cheese recipe

Yes, this is TOTALLY your Grandma’s creamy mac & cheese. Cause if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. No weird spices or super fancy cheese or herbs or whatever in here. Lately, I’ve been really drawn to classic comfort food recipes (must be the holidays!) and how we can make them just as amazing as they were when Grandma made them but without the processed ingredients, mysterious canned goods, Crisco, Velveeta, and the like. And ladies & gentlemen, look no further for your classic, creamy mac & cheese fantasy complete with a cheese pull: it is here. It’s sophisticated without being fancy, classic without any processed ingredients. And a show-stealing move-the-heck over green bean casserole Thanksgiving side. 


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