15 Perfect Side Dishes to Serve with Moussaka!

I would make eggplant every day if my kids allowed it. I adore this purple, spongy fruit that I can eat morning and night.

Yes, I said fruit – it’s a berry by botanical standards!

Unfortunately, nobody else in the house has this strong connection to it, so I compromise by making huge batches of moussaka.

That way I can freeze this creamy casserole and have it whenever the mood hits.

Moussaka is an iconic dish in Greek food culture, and has many variations.

But it’s typically made with potatoes, tomatoes, and meat (lamb or beef). It’s then topped with a creamy sauce called béchamel that’s made with cheese, milk, and egg.

Layered like a lasagna, it’s great on its own, but if you’re looking for what to serve with moussaka, I’ve got you covered with moussaka sides that are sure to please everyone.

From salads and breads to stuffed grape leaves and, of course, spanakopita!

Let’s dive in:

Salads and Cold Dishes

1. Greek Salad

Salad is always a great choice when choosing moussaka sides, but this traditional Greek Horiatiki recipe is guaranteed to kick your salad game up several notches!

Made with fresh ingredients like tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, bell peppers, Kalamata old Ives and Feta cheese, this gorgeous salad is colorful, crunchy, and can be prepared in a scant 25 minutes.

Top it off with a simple dressing made with olive oil, red wine vinegar, and herbs for an upscale, healthy side that will be a hit at any dinner or get together.

2. Homemade Tzatziki

Still wondering what to have with moussaka that can act as a subtle topping or side dip for the casserole? This homemade tzatziki recipe is just the thing. It can also be served alongside the moussaka with some home pita chips.

Not only is this dip creamy and delicious, it’s refreshing and great for those hot summer days. The best part is it takes only 5 minutes!

Simply mix together plain Greek yogurt, grated cucumber (be sure to drain the water), olive oil, lemon, garlic, and fresh herbs, and it’s ready to delight your dinner table!

3. Melitzanosalata

A lot of folks can’t have enough eggplant in their lives. If you’re one of them, this eggplant dip makes a great start to a tasty meal of moussaka. It’s easy to make, but you’ll need to set aside about 90 minutes to prepare and cook this vegan delicacy (most of it is spent baking the eggplant).

Once done, you’ll simply mash the peeled eggplant with garlic, love oil, and lemon. Keep it chunky or as smooth as you like, but either way, the smoky, earthy flavors will have everyone dipping away!

Veggie Side Dishes

1. Fasolakia

This green bean recipe is far from ordinary and makes for an extraordinary and authentic Greek side dish when thinking about what to eat with moussaka.

Prep takes only 5 minutes and cooking is 40 minutes of simmering so you’re not tied to the stove. The tasty combination of tomatoes, onions, herbs, and olive oil gets placed in a pan for a quick sauté.

Then add the beans and some water to the mix and wait until the beans are tender. The result is a melt-in-your-mouth veggie side that’s both vegan and gluten-free.

2. Grilled Veggie Skewers

Looking for a way to get the kids to the dinner table? The fun and bright veggie skewers are sure to do the trick. They’re full of great fresh flavors and are a healthy, low calorie alternative to starchy sides.

Made with zucchini, bell peppers, and red onion, these vegan treats get brushed with some balsamic vinegar, garlic and herbs for a simple but exciting side to moussaka.

Be sure to soak the wooden skewers first, and cut all the veggies into the same size for the juiciest results.

3. Gigagantes Plaki

While the Greek name may be a mouthful, we’re talking about simple butter beans. But this recipe makes these Lima legumes stand out and add layers of flavor when served with moussaka.

Be sure to soak the beans before adding them to the hearty sauce made with fresh tomatoes, tomato paste, red onion, garlic oregano, brown sugar, and parsley. Place everything in a baking dish and let it cool in the oven for about 2 hours.

This vegan dish is a Greek classic that you’re sure to add to your cooking rotation!

Breads and Pastries

1. Pita Bread

No moussaka is complete without some fluffy pita bread. Store bought pita often falls flat (literally), so why not make your own?

Too difficult, you say? This recipe takes care of that!

You will need to set aside about an hour to let it rise, but the prep is super easy. Start with simple ingredients like flour, yeast, sugar, milk, salt, and water. Knead everything together, let it rise, separate into balls, roll thin and bake!

2. Garlic Bread

Garlic bread may not initially jump out as a “what goes with moussaka” side, but it does. The crispy bread provides some crunch and will give everyone a way to scrape the last bits of the tasty dish off their plates.

The best part is it takes only 20 minutes from the time you slice your loaf (Italian or French), make the easy garlic butter, and bake it to golden perfection.

3. Spanakopita

This iconic Greek spinach pie is popular for a reason. Made with layers of flaky phyllo dough, spinach, and savory cheeses and herbs.

This award-winning recipe will take close to 2 hours from prep to table, but it’s worth the wait to experience a slice of authentic Greek cuisine.

4. Tiropita

These tasty baked triangles are a great addition to moussaka. Flaky phyllo dough is filled with a creamy cheese and egg mixture.

They’re easy to make – just spoon the cheese mix onto the pastry and fold into shape, brush with some butter, and bake for 10–15 minutes.

Potato & Legume Based Dishes

1. Greek Lemon Potatoes

Looking for a unique potato recipe to serve alongside your tasty moussaka? Give these lemon potatoes a whirl. We’re not talking about potatoes that are sprinkled with lemon.

These wedged spuds are cooked in a tangy, lemony, garlic herb broth so the flavor goes all the way through.

They take only 10 minutes to prepare and about an hour to bake. They also make a nice crunchy, vegan snack.

2. Fava

This super healthy purée is easy to make with yellow split peas, garlic, and thyme. It’s a terrific dip to serve with some fresh pita and moussaka.

Prep is only about 5 minutes, but you’ll need to cook the peas for about 45 minutes.

3. Skordalia

If you love potatoes and garlic (lots of garlic), then this easy-to-make dip is a must-try with moussaka. It can be served on the side and mixed right in or plated separately with pita or garlic bread.

The key is to let the dip sit for a bit and marinate for optimum flavor.

Stuffed and Fried Dishes

1. Dolmades

Are you looking for something truly unique to serve with moussaka? These upscale stuffed grape leaves go perfectly with eggplant casserole and are always a hit at parties.

Once boiled, these tender leaves are filled with earthy flavors like garlic, mint, basil, dill, and mixed with rice to form a juicy and tangy app that is sure to help the main course stand out.

2. Saganaki

Nobody will be able to resist this gooey and crispy combo of pan-seared cheese. Think grilled cheese without bread. The key is to choose the right cheese; Graviera, Kefaloturi, or Halloumi work best, and can be found at Greek delis. But feel free to try Provolone too.

The dish is easy to make – just dip the cheese in cold water, dredge in flour, and deep-fry in very hot olive oil until crispy.

Keep it on the side of the plate of moussaka or serve before dinner as an amazing appetizer.