Fresh Milk | Meet Local Milk’s Creative Director in 12 Links

Hello! Welcome to this week’s edition of Fresh Milk. My name is Emily, and I am Beth’s creative director. Beth and I have known each other for years, and I’ve been on team Local Milk for the past two. You’ll be hearing from me a bit more often moving forward around the blog and on social media!

I thought I’d take this week’s round-up to introduce myself a bit by sharing some links that give a sense of who I am (at least for the moment!). I sincerely hope all of you readers are safe and healthy, and that the content we share on Local Milk brings you some inspiration, comfort, and respite in such a challenging time. I have been holed up at home with our newborn baby girl since early February, and save a few sunny walks around our quiet neighborhood, we are staying put and hopefully healthy.

Meet Local Milk’s Creative Director in 12 Links

  1. The chicken recipe on repeat in our house right now from Nashville’s Rolf & Daughters.
  2. The Fourth Trimester Collection from Hatch.
  3. My favorite ceramic mug often filled with coffee that’s getting cold.
  4. An essential baby toy list for minimalists.
  5. My favorite photographer (besides my husband).
  6. The baby clothing brand I’m the biggest sucker for.
  7. The funny and beautifully illustrated triangle book my daughter can’t stop looking at.
  8. The best brownie I’ve ever made (or eaten) and it’s gluten-free.
  9. The two podcasts I religiously listen to: here and here.
  10. My go-to nursing outfit (besides button-up pajamas) from a fave Local Milk brand.
  11. If I could splurge on something I definitely don’t need right now it would be this.
  12. If I could travel anywhere when it’s safe again it would be here (and I’d eat ALL the scones and photograph ALL the roses)!

Oh, and if you didn’t catch it on Instagram, Local Milk launched it’s very own YouTube channel this week and kicked off with the Instagram LIVE video from last week’s Cook-a-long in Beth’s Paris kitchen. Stay tuned to the Beth Kirby Instagram for more LIVE cook-a-longs!

Photo by Chris Daniels.

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