Fresh Milk | Welcome to a New Local Milk Series!

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Throughout any given week, I’m always making a little mental collection of fresh inspiration, sartorial finds, current events, thought-provoking or fun writing, and interesting recipes I don’t want to lose. For example, sometimes I’ll get on a kick with a particular color and start saving objects and images in that hue like mad. There’s a particular need I have to document and file away this and that thing I find on the internet, and starting today, I’m going to be sharing them with you! Each Friday, you can expect a proverbial glass of “fresh milk” on the blog. So, without further ado, here’s a curated list of what’s caught my attention the past several days.

nashville kinfolk dinner

First and foremost, if you haven’t heard, a series of truly devastating tornadoes ripped through Middle Tennessee early this week. Homes, businesses, belongings, and lives have been lost. Though I haven’t ever called Nashville home, the city, many local businesses, and so many of its residents are very dear to my heart. If ever a community could rally together and get through this tragedy, it is the people of Nashville. But they need our support!

If you can travel to the hardest-hit areas, there are countless ways to directly serve the immediate needs of the affected communities. If you aren’t able to be local, please consider donating to the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund, which is organized by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Donations help communities and non-profits in the affected areas to be able to offer vital short and long term support to those in need. You can also donate directly to the Community Resource Center of Nashville who is managing all vital product donations for victims of the disaster.

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Keep an eye out next week for a new edition of Fresh Milk.

Live slow and well this weekend!

xo, Beth