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If you didn’t catch my latest posts on Insta, I am flying solo in Paris right now. I said goodbye to my family a week ago to spend two weeks writing, eating, wandering, and putting the finishing touches on my cookbook from our Paris apartment. I spent my evenings during the early part of the week tucking into little bistros and cafes, meeting friends, making friends of strangers.

Since then, there has been a very palpable shift. The city has slowed down to nearly a stop. People are staying in, afraid, or at least being very cautious. A 30-day travel ban from Europe to the US is now in place. It seems I will be staying put. Writing from bed, opting to cook over eating out and making the most of this time on my own while we ride out these next days and weeks. 

Where are you at? How is your town, city, country preparing or coping with the Coronavirus? If you’re homebound for the time being, what are you cooking and eating? 


This Week’s Fresh Milk Round-Up

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Stay safe and calm where you are, friends! 

xo – Beth


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