Bring the Outside In with a Winter Floral Arrangement

hyssop floral arranging

Hello friends! My name is Ann. I am the founder and owner of Hyssop, a floral company in Minnesota. Hyssop designs lean heavily on local and foraged botanicals, creating nostalgic designs that are seasonal and inspired by nature. I have designed for weddings, restaurants, and editorials, including Kinfolk and Tierra magazines. Today I am sharing with you one of my winter rituals for embracing the season and bringing beautiful bits of the outside indoors to make a winter floral arrangement.

Embracing the Beauty of Winter

In the north, winters can be long and dreary. We so often find ourselves fighting against the season, trying to escape from it. But one of the ways I have made peace with the cold days is to invite winter in instead of pushing it out. I try as much as possible to bring bits and pieces of twigs, berries, and pine into our home as a celebration of wintertime. Little nods to the season in my home help me remember that this is a time of stillness, rest, and waiting for new life.

Nothing is nicer than bundling up for a long afternoon walk, slipping your clippers in your coat pockets, and venturing out into the cold. As I walk, I keep my eyes open to textures, shapes, and colors. My clematis vine has dried on the fence, leaving behind the prettiest little puffs. Dried wildflowers stand tall against the white landscape. Pine branches are a wonderful pop of lively green in the midst of so much brown and dry.

Bring the Outside In

At the end of my winter walks, I come back into the warmth with my arms full of treasures and my head full of ideas. Bringing winter inside can be as simple as putting a few foraged treasures in a vase, and can be as elaborate as creating a sprawling arrangement to use as a centerpiece for your table. I love to gather and then mimic the shapes that I see in nature in my arranging. Don’t let lack of experience intimidate you. Put your boots on, bundle up, and welcome the winter inside.

Ann is the Minnesota based florist behind Hyssop. She creates nostalgic floristry inspired by nature. You can find her website here and on Instagram.

Photos by Emilie Anne Szabo. You can find her Instagram here.

Wardrobe by Filosofia LA.

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