L|M Retreat | Venice, Italy

I’m so happy to let you all know that the images of the Venice retreat you see here, some of my favorites I’ve ever taken, are going to have an encore–Skye (of From My Dining Table) and I are hosting another retreat at the palazzo this coming January and tickets just went on sale yesterday evening—we only have four spots left at the moment so if you’re interested, you can find all the details & reserve a spot here! EDIT: We are now sold out but you can join our mailing list here to keep abreast of future retreats like the ones in Spain, Paris, and Japan & all other future events! These shots of our retreat last year that we did with Ginny Branch Stelling, Aaron Teece, and Lisa Garcia are a good preview of what’s to come this year…

Venice was the first European city I ever set foot in when I was 15 years old. Over the years I’ve written many stories in these streets—memories layered upon memories, but the ones pictured here are by far my favorite. I’m so happy that Chef Teece (the one looking sugar smeared, bearded, and moody with meringues) will be joining Skye & I again this year as we embark on another journey through the canal veined Venetian streets.

I’ve cried 15 year old tears on stone steps in this city. Listened to show tunes about the French revolution in a trundle bed here. Thought I was in love for more than a few street lit hours with more than a few different faces. I don’t know why I keep ending up in Venice, but I do. And it’s a source of endless inspiration. There’s a whole other city far from the throngs of tourists that still exists, and that is the Venice I love.

I really want these photos to speak for themselves, but here’s a brief overview of what we did last year. Skye graciously offered to host a retreat in Venice, her second home since she was just a child, and of course I didn’t even have to think twice about taking her up on it. We’ve been friends since the first retreat I ever did in Portugal, and her work continues to inspire me.

We were joined by Ginny Branch Stelling—a hilarious woman & one of the best stylists around. She taught alongside me, brought a treasure trove of props, and made sure we had beautiful tables at every meal. Lisa Garcia, a dear friend & brilliant artist (who’s work Sonadora Handmade many of you are probably familiar with), came along and kept things behind the scenes moving, and Chef Aaron Teece made sure we had gorgeous food on the table—his frito misto was the stuff of legend. As was his Osso Buco. There were high teas. Grand suppers. Nights out on the town. And lots of exploration of the process of visual story telling both from the photography perspective and the styling perspective. Our team was a family. Our guests were the same. There are no words for what these experiences are. Retreat has always been the best word I could come up with. Workshop doesn’t do the experiences we try to create justice. They are about so much more than learning technical skills. They are about recharging, relationships, and creative inspiration.

And if you can’t make it to Venice with us this year, there will also be retreats in Japan, Paris, and Spain in the spring!

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