Uniform: Local Milk + Hackwith Design House, Chandler Top

This is a linen top. Its name is Chandler. It has stripes and a pocket, is made by Hackwith Design House, and is my new favorite shirt. I wear it tied or tucked or un. I wear it wrinkled as you please or crisp from the wash. Its utility, comfort, and simple beauty are the reasons it earns a place in my closet. And at this point in my life, that truly has to be earned. Clutter makes my ADHD hurt, and I’m in the process of a continuing purge with the goal to donate 80% of my clothing. The goal is to build a streamlined, functional wardrobe of sustainable goods while giving my unworn clothing a better home, a home that needs it.

The literal fabric of our lives matters. Sustainable clothing is just as important as sustainable food. That’s why I choose to buy less but buy better. I opt for U.S. made clothing and quality, sustainable fabrics. And I opt for simple pieces that can withstand time over trends. Most of the pieces in my closet can be mixed with one another, and I get interest from the odd print (I’m obsessed with mud cloth), head scarves (most especially in the summer) & vintage hats, simple jewelry (I wear the same handful of pieces every day), and handsome but comfortable shoes. Though you could fairly argue my childhood fueled affinity for Birkinstocks isn’t so handsome. I would agree to disagree.

local milk + hackwith design house: the chandler shirt

The art of dressing ourselves is another of those pragmatic, humble arts like cooking. A creative act born out of necessity. It doesn’t have to be creative. You can dress for pure function just as you can eat for pure utility. And for some temperaments, that’s just fine. But as for me, I’ll take some form with my function.

Some happenings…

Are you in Melbourne or Sydney? Join Rebekka Seale of Camellia Fiber Co., photographer Luisa Brimble, and I for Slow Living: A Practical Workshop in September! We’ll be exploring creating content through food, florals, photography, and fabric—we’ll bake, dye, style, shoot, and share meals & tea together. There are still some tickets left and you can get yours here!

Not in Australia? No worries! I’m teaching photography at Cook & Scribble’s Food Media Workshop alongside the Lee Brothers (dapper southern cookbook writing duo), Molly O’Neil (author & founder of Cook ‘n Scribble), Kristin Miglore (executive editor of Food52), and Kate Lebo (poet, bookmaker, and pie enthusiast). It’s going to be a wonderful weekend, July 17-20. You can register here.

pictured: Chandler Top by Hackwith Design House; head scarf from Camellia Fiber Co.; Elizabeth Jeans from Imogene + Willie; clogs from No. 6

local milk + hackwith design house: the chandler shirt