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Walnut Milk Adaptogen Elixir | Welcome to Adaptogens

Today we have a guest post by Lauren Haynes of Wooden Spoon Herbs, a brief primer on magical adaptogenic herbs along with a recipe for a luscious adaptogen mocha laced with cocoa, tahini, and honey as well as a recipe for homemade walnut milk (a departure from my usual hazelnut or almond!) While this walnut milk adaptogen elixir was formulated especially for the post-partum mother, it works equally well for anyone who needs some calm in their life. Is that all of us? Expect more adaptogen recipes in the future! Lauren inspired me, and I’ve stocked my pantry with a few of my favorites and plan to incorporate them into teas, smoothies, soups, porridge, and so much more! In my brief research, it seems that adaptogens are most efficacious when used regularly. This would make a lovely evening ritual, and I’m experimenting with throwing them in my morning wellness elixir as well! Click read more to find Lauren’s introduction to adaptogens below!


mother’s day gift guide | for the cook, gardener, and crafter

This is going to be my first mother’s day with a baby. We’re currently in Kyoto, and I just watched her learn to crawl on the tatami mat of our machiya, and, around the same time as learning to crawl, she’s also developed an awareness of object permanence. By which I mean, for the first time, she cries when I leave. Cries when she sees me if she’s in someone else’s arms (save when she’s meeting new friends for the first time, then she’s happy to be passed around!). And, stupidly, I’m surprised. I work. And I’m not fun. I’m a terrible clown; that’s dad’s province. So sometimes I wonder if she’ll like me. And then when she cries for me, reaches for me, snuggles up to me to sleep I realize that being mom & loving her is enough. I don’t have to be the funny one. It’s okay if I work. She loves me like I love her: unconditionally, no matter what.

I teamed up with Mother magazine (find an interview and photos of Eula & I in our Tennessee home here!) and Amazon to put together this gift guide for all different sorts of moms. We have gifts for the gardener, gifts for the crafter, and gifts for the cook (that would be me!) Though I am partial to my copper watering can…


quick & simple | sherry chocolate pot de creme

sherry chocolate pot de creme

The past few years my focus as a cook has shifted, settled. I’m most interested in recipes that are viable for everyday home cooks with full lives—that’s the sort of recipe my cookbook will be full of. Sure, it’s fun to turn out something that takes all the pots in your kitchen and a week to prepare every now and again (or is it?), but as a working woman and now a working mother, the reality of how few hours there are in a day is one I’m intimately acquainted with. This dessert is the best of all the worlds: few ingredients, 10 minute prep, and shockingly wonderful. It’s just pure magic, and it’s definitely going to be a fixture on the tables at our retreats and in my home until I make everyone sick of it because I haven’t stopped craving them since I made them.


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