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Juniper + Smoke Marshmallows


Hello fellow last minute gifters! I have your hail mary: marshmallows that taste like winter holidays. They get a piney, smokey flavor from a simple syrup made with peat smoked scotch whiskey and juniper berries. Sound weird? It’s not; they’re perfect for bobbing in winter hot chocolates. You’ll want to find the smokiest scotch your local liquor store has. I love The Peat Monster scotch for this recipe, but just ask for the peatiest, smokiest scotch they have. Can’t find it? Don’t sweat it; use water and have juniper marshmallows. Other than the scotch you’ll just need some gelatin packets from the store along with juniper berries (you can find them in the spice section at Whole Foods), sugar, and clear corn syrup. I originally developed & shot this recipe for a collaboration with KitchenAid, but this is my slightly updated version. Trust me, I’ve been making marshmallows obsessively for years…they were one of the first recipes on this blog! My favorite flavorings back then were Earl Grey Marshmallows laced with Salted Lapsang Souchong Caramel as well as Smokey Oak Marshmallows (another great way to get smokey flavor). You can check out those recipes (along with their horrible photos!) for more mallowspiration. For more DIY gift ideas you can check out our preserved lemons, granola, and balsam fir syrup. Anyways, I had these photos laying around from that shoot a couple of months back, and it seemed like the perfect time to share them for all my fellow procrastinators getting elfy this Christmas eve! It’s all my favorite things: marshmallows, marble, and hints of copper & pink. Merry Christmas!


assymetrical + organic wreath tutorial

diy organic wreath tutorial

A happy winter solstice to you all—yesterday was the shortest day of the year. And so the light creeps back in. To celebrate, we invited my friend, floral & event designer Kaitlin Zermeno of Petaline (check her out for floral inspiration + she’s available to travel for events big and small worldwide), to give us a tutorial for organic, free-form wreaths. I’ve been wanting to make an explosive wreath with wild sprigs and tendrils, and now I finally know how. The dripping birch wreath (third from the right) & the one with the bit of ribbon are my attempts. I’m quite pleased with them, and given my dismal wreath efforts of the past, it was satisfying to figure out how to make the wreaths I’d long admired from afar. Along with the wreaths we have some inspiration for your winter table from ours including mini organic shaped wreaths for each place setting—same principle applies as the big ones! And also…a little peek of my new dining room!


Local Milk Gift Guide // 2016


A little late in the season (last minute shopper unite!) but here as usual: our annual gift guide! It’s broken into different sections for Kitchen, Baby, Home, Wear, and Apothecary because there were so many things we wanted to include, that was the only way to keep them all straight! And still we couldn’t get in everything. Stay tuned for our registry post for more baby things, and check out gift guides of previous years for more favorites here, here, and here. And for wrapping inspiration, see the post before this one here as well as years past here, here, and here.Our gift guide is a way for us to share all of our favorite things with you as well as a way to give some love to our favorite shops, makers, and products. Everything on this list is both beautiful and useful.


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